Yiddish Sof-Vokh UK 2023

The second UK weekend of Yiddish – A Yiddish Sof-Vokh

May 5-7 2023 at Wortley Hall (https://www.wortleyhall.org.uk)



„אַזױנס און אַזעלכעס“

דער צװײטער ייִדיש־סוף־װאָך אין דעם פֿאַראײניקטן קיניגרײַך װעט פֿאָרקומען פֿונעם 5טן ביזן 7טן מײַ2023 אין „װאָרטלי האָל‮“.

*פֿאַרשרײַבט זיך! (זע אונטן)

פֿאַרברענגט אַ סוף־װאָך מיט אונדז אין גאַנצן אײַנגעטונקען אין ייִדיש־לשון אין „װאָרטלי האָל“, אַ באַקאַנטער קאָנפֿערענץ־צענטער לעבן שעפֿילד. „װאָרטלי האָל“ איז אַן אימפּאָזאַנטער בנין מיט גרױסע שײנע גערטנער װאָס זענען אידעאַל צוגעפּאַסט צו שפּאַצירן, פֿאַרברענגען צוזאַמען, און שמועסן אױף ייִדיש. „װאָרטלי האָל“ איז באַקאַנט אַלס „דעם אַרבעטערס פּריציש הױז“, אַ דאַנק היסטאָרישע פֿאַרבינדונגען מיט די פּראָפֿעסיאָנעלע פֿאַראײנען.ן

נאָך אַ מאָל װעט דער סוף־װאָך זײַן אַ פֿײַערונג פֿון דער ייִדישער שפּראַך אין דעם פֿאַראײניקטן קיניגרײַך.  ער װעט אַרײַננעמען װאַרשטאַטן, דיסקוסיעס, מוזיק, שפּאַצירן, פּאָעזיע, פֿאַרװײַלונגען פֿאַר קינדער, לױטן שטײגער סײַ פֿונעם מעלבורנער ייִדיש־סוף־װאָך, פֿונעם ייִדיש־מאַראַטאָן בײַם פּאַריזער ייִדיש־צענטער, און פֿון אונדזער זײער געראָטענעם ערשטן ייִדיש־סוף־װאָך (יוני 2022)! ר

דער ייִדיש־סוף־װאָך װערט געשטיצט פֿון דער פֿונדאַציע פֿאַר ייִדישער שפּראַכקולטור א״נ בנימין שעכטער.

Join us for a weekend of total immersion in Yiddish! Wortley Hall, a well-known conference venue close to Sheffield with lovely grounds (just made for walking, hanging out and chatting in Yiddish), is known as the “Workers’ Stately Home” because of its historic links to the Trades Union Movement.


The weekend will, once again, be a celebration of Yiddish in the UK including: workshops – conversation – music – walks – poetry – activities for children – modelled along the lines of the Melbourne Yiddish Sof-Vokh, the Paris Yiddish-Centre “Yiddish Marathon” and our very successful first Yiddish Sof-Vokh (June 2022)!

The Yiddish weekend is supported by the Binyumen Schaechter Foundation for Spoken Yiddish.

Everyone is welcome!

The Yiddish Sof-Vokh is for everyone who wants to spend a week-end in an environment where only Yiddish is being spoken. Come and be immersed in Yiddish language and culture. If you’re not sure if this is for you, please contact us at svcomms@yiddishcafe.com. One of the organisers will arrange a mutually convenient time to chat with you on the phone about the week-end, and you’ll be able to make a decision about whether the Yiddish Sof-Vokh is appropriate for you.

The week-end is organised by members of the UK Yiddish Sof-Vokh Organising Group (which has grown out of the Yiddish Open Mic Café) who are, in alphabetical order: Michael Alpert, Helen Beer, Sima Beeri, Barry Burland, Sue Cooper, Osian Evans-Sharma, Sam Gaus, Sonia Gollance, Jaclyn Granick, Lily Kahn, Vivi Lachs, Tamara Micner, Steve Ogin, Jake Schneider, Michael Shapiro, Judy Sherwood, Pam Singer, Barry Smerin, Phil Tomlinson, Heather Valencia, Myra Woolfson.  Please let us know if you would like to join the Organising Group.


You can be assured of an interesting programme with something for everyone. The programme will be finalised near to the event, but the 2022 programme can be seen on the 2022 page , which will give you a good idea of the sort of things you can expect.

If you have an idea for presenting a session (in Yiddish, of course!) please send your suggestion to svcomms@yiddishcafe.com and a member of the Organising Group will follow this up with you (see also “Additional Information”).

The cost for the weekend (see below) includes:

  • all meals from Friday evening till Sunday lunch; all meals will be vegetarian/vegan (If you have specific dietary needs see the “additional information” section),
  • accommodation (2 nights),
  • Wifi,
  • use of the Wortley Hall grounds and facilities,
  • mid-morning and afternoon refreshments,
  • all programmed events (from 5.00pm on Friday until 3.30pm on Sunday).

Please note:

(a) We have both shared and single rooms available. If you would like to share a room, but don’t have anyone to share with, just book a shared place and we will match you with someone.

(b) There is an early-booking discount.

Gift Aid and Donations: One of the advantages of being a registered charity is that we can collect Gift Aid on donations if you are a UK tax-payer, which adds extra value to your donation. If you make a donation when you buy your ticket and are eligible, please apply for GiftAid if you can

If you are unable to come to the Yiddish Sof-Vokh, please note that a £75 donation would at least half-way support a bursary to enable someone to attend who might otherwise not be able to. Please donate by clicking on the button below.

Booking before 27th January with early-booking discount:

£275 if sharing an ensuite room

£320 for single occupancy of an ensuite room

Booking after 26th January:

£310 if sharing an ensuite room

£360 for single occupancy of an ensuite room

Bursaries of up to £150 available by application (limited numbers) see “Additional Information” for details.

Children aged 2-15 sharing parent’s room: £84; under 2 years – free

Covid Policy

The Sof-Vokh will not only adhere to all Government COVID-19 guidelines at the time of the event, but will also take advice about additional measures from a specialist in the field.

Questions? Learn more about our event in the additional information section.

Yiddish Sof-Vokh UK is part of the Yiddish Café Trust, Registered Charity Number 1200053

Are you interested? Please click on the button below to register