As a charity without its own endowment, the Yiddish Cafe Trust does not profit off the Yiddish Sof-Vokh, but also cannot subsidise it financially. Thus, the costs of holding each year’s all-inclusive Yiddish Sof-Vokh (primarily catering, accommodation and room hire) are largely covered by the participants themselves through registration fees.

Despite these financial constraints of our own, we are firmly committed to making the Yiddish Sof-Vokh as accessible as possible to all Yiddish speakers regardless of financial means. To this end, a number of bursaries will be available to give financial support to those wishing to attend the Sof-Vokh. Unfortunately, the limited finances of the Sof-Vokh are such that we are unable to cover the full cost of the weekend with a bursary. We also cannot guarantee that we will be able to give bursaries to all who ask or for the full amount asked for.

Applying for a bursary

We will have two application rounds:

·       The deadline for the first round is 31st March.

·       The deadline for the second round is 19th May.

A small sub-group of the organising committee will consider applications for bursaries in confidence. We will aim to let applicants know whether or not they have been successful within 10 days of the deadline for each round.

For those applying in the first round, so long as you get your application in by 31st March, we will hold the early bird price until we give you an answer.

To apply for a bursary, download the application form using one of the links below (in English or Yiddish) and email your completed form to svbursaries@yiddishcafe.com. You can complete it digitally or, if you prefer, print it out and scan or photograph your handwritten answers.

Download the form using one of the links below:

The bursary sub-committee looks forward to hearing from you.


These bursaries – our main fundraising priority – have been kindly sponsored by our friends and supporters from the community, in some cases in the name of their dear departed relatives. We have also held dedicated benefit events to support this programme, such as the event with Michael Rosen in February 2024, and have received grants from charities and foundations to this end. If you would like to support our bursary programme and help make Yiddish more accessible, you can read more about the options here.

We would particularly like to thank the donors of four bursaries provided in fond memory of:

  • Chaim Neslen
  • Anne Novak
  • Sally Singer
  • Mania and Itzik Turetz

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