Schedule for the weekend

The weekend begins on the afternoon of Friday 21 June 2024. Your room at Hillscourt will be available for check-in starting at 3pm. For those who arrive on the earlier side, there are several relaxed activities during the afternoon to help you meet fellow attendees.

We recommend planning your arrival by 7pm at the latest in order to join us for Shabes dinner, which includes kiddush, challah and a few welcoming words. Dinner is followed by a rousing Yiddish singalong.

Most of the day on Saturday is spent on the weekend’s main programme – workshops, talks, and other sessions and activities presented by your fellow participants, with breaks for coffee/tea and meals. Several sessions are always happening in parallel, and you can choose which ones to attend spontaneously over the course of the day.

After dinner, we come together for the first open mic session featuring a variety of musical, literary, theatrical and other performances from participants, along with havdole and more singing and dancing.

On Sunday morning we have breakfast followed by the last few sessions of the programme, our group photo and the second and final open mic session, which ends around 3pm. Make sure to check out of your room in the morning, though of course you can store your luggage until you leave. The weekend always goes by too quickly, but there are also opportunities to plan extra gatherings after the Sof-Vokh with a few of your fellow attendees, whether in Birmingham, London or elsewhere.

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