Welcome to the Yiddish Café Trust!

Upcoming Events

  • Ongoing: Yiddish Open-Mic Café, regular dates in person and via Zoom. More information and upcoming dates here.
  • January to March 2024: Yiddish Theatre Café, co-organising a season of Yiddish theatre at JW3 in collaboration with UCL
  • 18 February 2023: Benefit with Michael Rosen in performance and in conversation with Tamara Micner, featuring music from Phil Tomlinson and Klezmer Club, at Mildmay Club in North London. Book tickets here
  • 21–23 June 2024: The third annual Yiddish Sof-Vokh UK at Hillscourt, outside Birmingham. A full weekend of Yiddish immersion and activities.

Who are we?

The Yiddish Café Trust is the umbrella organisation for a range of initiatives dedicated to promoting the use of Yiddish in the UK. We do this by actively supporting the development of many aspects of Yiddish culture, including language, literature, poetry, theatre, art, music and dance.

Our goal is to provide opportunities for creative engagement withYiddish and Yiddish culture for the benefit of people of all ages and backgrounds by helping to develop capabilities, competencies, skills and understanding, and in so doing contribute to the vibrant development of Yiddish as part of a global reinvigoration of Yiddish culture. Join us to be inspired by the Yiddish past and to help develop the Yiddish future!


The Trustees (2021) of the Yiddish Café Trust are: 

Stephen Ogin (Chair), Vivi Lachs (Vice-Chair), Phil Tomlinson (Treasurer), Pam Singer (Secretary), Tamara Gleason Freidberg, Barbara Borts, Michael Heiser, Sima Beeri, Myra Woolfson 

Please contact us at trust@yiddishcafe.com for further information. 

Working for Yiddish Language & Culture in the UK!

The area of benefit of the Yiddish Café Trust is the whole of United Kingdom, as the Yiddish Café Trust will provide an accessible introduction to the Yiddish language and its associated culture. The language and culture are both the inheritance of a large number of citizens of the UK, a spoken language for a significant section of the Jewish population of the UK, and a source of interest and research for the wider population as a whole. The Trust will therefore, through its activities, be beneficial to the cultural richness of the UK by deepening and widening the potential for involvement of everyone interested in Yiddish in the UK.

The YiddishCafe Trust is a non-profit making organisation, our charity number is 1200053. Your donations will enable us to keep prices down and offer reduced rates for young people and those on low incomes.