Programme for the Sof-Vokh

The programme features a wide array of workshops, talks, discussions and activities proposed and led by Sof-Vokh attendees themselves on a voluntary basis. Thus, the rich programme is completely fresh every year and is not finalised until shortly before the weekend. The sessions run in parallel, so there is something for everyone and it is impossible to catch it all. For a taste of previous years’ options:

  • Past talks have related to Yiddish literature, theater, music, film and television; Hasidic Yiddish; queer Yidishkayt; Yiddish in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Sweden, Finland and beyond; educational topics;  historical events; specific writers and historical figures, and more
  • We’ve had workshops related to cooking and pickling, children’s games, multiple types of dance, creative writing, theater, singing and visual art
  • Other activities have included guided conversation groups, group nature walks and even a multigenerational football match
  • Group discussions have covered general topics such as the present and future of Yiddish and our individual relationships with the language

This programme is interspersed with a variety of other group and less formal activities. See the weekend schedule for more details.

Examples from past years:

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