Yiddish sof-vokh UK

Program farn yidish sof-vokh, Wortley Hall, Juni 2022

4-6pmMentshn kumen on, bakenen zikh, shmuesn
7.00Bagrisn un meldungen, nigunim, gezang
9.30Yidish un Poylish: a shprakhnik tsuzamenlebnYidishe Komunitsn vos hobn gekemft in shpanishn birger-krigFarshidene farvaylung: do ken men shraybn, leyenen, shmuesn, shpiln, moln: far kinder un dervaksene!
10.50Kokhn, shmuesn un zikhroynes fun der heymVarshtat: shraybn poezyeNatur-shpatsir
12.00Der leyb un der Fuks: Leo Kenig un YA Liski2 shmues-grupesFarvaylung: Viglider un kinder-lider far yung un alt
2.30Di Retenishn fun Sutskevers “Penimer in zumpn”Natur- shpatsirVi Azoy yidishe lider komentirn in tfiles un yom-toyvim
3.40Khsidish yidishGezang- varshtatKunstvarshtat: Oytsres funem gortn fun Wortley Hall
5.00Shmerke Kasherginski- zayn lebn un zayne liderVarshtat: shraybn a kindermayseShpil far groys un kleyn
6.10Discusye: Far vos farnemt men zikh mit yidish?
8.30Zingen far ale
Yidish Open Mic/ Yidishe filmen
9.30Leyenkrayz: sovietishe yiodishe poezyeAle leyenen a yidishe pyeseVos elter vos zoyerer (vi azoy men makht zoyere ugerkes)
10.50Yiddish fun Der HeymMayne nesies keyn mizrekh-eyrope zukhndik mishpokhe-geshikte, mit a bazukh keyn TshernovitsLider un bilder – etlekhe yidishe dikhters
12.00Shmues-grupes vi frierLakhn iz gezuntShpiln (fun mizrekh Etrope) far groys un kleyn
3.30Der Sof

There are 2 cottages that can be booked by the room – prices the same as for other rooms. Please note these are NOT ensuite but there are additional shared facilities. There is more information on the cottages on the Wortley Hall website. If you are interested in one of these rooms or indeed cottages, please enquire at ….bookings…

The venue will be offering only vegetarian or vegan options. It would help their planning to know if you are vegan, and please let us know of any other dietary requirements. There is a place for this on the booking form.

There is a space on the booking form to let us know of anything we could do to make you more comfortable if it were available.

All rooms except in the cottages are ensuite. A few ground floor rooms are available. Please let us know of any specific requirements on the booking form.

We have done all we can to keep costs to a minimum – this is a non-profit event. We are however offering bursaries of £50 to encourage younger Yiddish speakers to participate, and also for those who’s income makes attendance otherwise difficult. Please contact us at Sof-Vokh Bookings if you would like to request this. And if it would be difficult for you to make payment in one step, we can arrange for payment in 2 installments. If you want to do this, please let us know by writing to yidishsofvokh@gmail.com

Our apologies for the booking fees – we have kept them as low as possible, and they go entirely to the ticketing and banking agencies involved

75% of the booking fee returned if cancelled up to and including Friday 11th March

60% of booking fee returned if cancelled up to and including Friday 8th April

20% of booking fee returned if cancelled up to and including Friday 6th May

0% of booking fee returned if cancelled up to and including Friday 27th May

Each participant may offer one or more contributions to the Sof-Vokh in Yiddish. Please indicate if you would like to offer a talk, a workshop, a zingeray etc. The programme is being divided into units of 60 minutes so that offered contributions should be 50 minutes, or 25 minutes, in length; for longer offered contributions, please write to yidishsofvokh@gmail.com with the subject “Proposed longer contribution”. The Programme Group will decide on, and finalise, the programme and please be aware that your proposed contribution may not appear in the programme.

The Sof-Vokh will not only adhere to all Government COVID-19 guidelines at the time of the event, but will also be advised on additional measures (if required) by two people attending the event: Dr Seth Flaxman, University of Oxford (a specialist in modelling the spread of COVID-19) and Dr Michelle Fink (a retired GP practitioner).