Yiddish Open Mic Café

The Yiddish Open Mic Café is a participatory Yiddish jamboree of poems, stories, songs, serious and funny, all in Yiddish, but with English translation. We have been meeting monthly since April 2018, both via Zoom and in London.

67th Yiddish Open Mic Café
Sunday, 21 July on Zoom, 4 pm UK

 דער 67סטער ייִדישער אָפֿענער־מיקראָפֿאָן קאַפֿע אױף זום זונטיק, דעם 21סטן יולי

 8 am PDT       11 am EDT 

Noon ART       17:00 CET         18:00 IST

This Month’s Theme: Peace

Join lovers of Yiddish from all over the world for readings, music and more. Material will be presented in Yiddish, with Yiddish and English texts on the screen.

We invite old and new performers to participate, on the theme or not.

The audience is kind, and it’s very rewarding.

Please send your presentations of up to 6 minutes in PowerPoint (preferably) or Word in both Yiddish (oysyes preferably or transliteration) and English translation to openmic@yiddishcafe.com by Wednesday, July 17.

We are happy to translate your material, time permitting.

Questions? Contact us at openmic@yiddishcafe.com

To perform or join the audience, please register at https://tinyurl.com/ynetpmxn

About us

The Yiddish Open Mic Café is accessible worldwide through Zoom. We regularly have participants and an audience from all parts of the UK, as well as from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Israel, Mexico, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine and the USA.

Whether you are a Yiddish student, teacher, scholar, or someone who heard a word or a phrase at home from parents or grandparents, or simply interested in Yiddish, you are welcome to be part of the audience or have a turn at the mic, in front of a warm and friendly audience. Participants range from people starting to learn Yiddish, to those for whom Yiddish is their mother tongue.

Contributions Welcomed!

Some performers contribute their own work; others perform songs / stories / poems / sketches written by others, including material by well-known Yiddish writers. We are very happy to welcome new presenters and delighted that others have become regulars. Please indicate your interest early so we can make sure your name goes onto the list.

Past recordings

You can find recordings of our previous programmes on our YouTube channel.

We look forward to seeing you.

The recording of the 59th Open Mic Café in September 2023
The recording of the 58th Open Mic Café in June 2023