Additional Information 2023

Additional Information

If you cancel your booking, we will refund your payment subject to deductions as indicated below because of the charges imposed by the venue: 

0% deducted if cancelled before 7th February.

25% deducted if cancelled between 7th February and 6th March.  

40% deducted if cancelled between 7th March and 3rd April.  

80% deducted if cancelled between 4th April and 20th April.  

100% deducted if cancelled after 20th April. 

In the unlikely event of the cancellation of the Sof-Vokh (Yiddish weekend) due to government restrictions in relation to COVID, the venue has agreed to re-scheduling the weekend to a mutually acceptable date. At that point, participants will be able to either cancel their booking with a full refund, or let their booking remain for the new date. For the new date, an equivalent refund policy to the one described above would apply. 

If you are resident outside of the UK we would advise checking that your travel insurance covers event cancellation.

Please let us know if you have allergies or other specific dietary needs, and we will attempt to accommodate these.

The Hall complies with the access requirements of local disability legislation. All bedrooms (except in the cottages) are ensuite. There are two bedrooms available on the Ground Floor. 2 of the meeting rooms we will use are on the Ground Floor, and there is also one up 4 steps from the Ground Floor and one on the 1st Floor. We will aim to adjust the allocation of meeting rooms if necessary to aid access. The lift to the 1st Floor is not currently working, and we cannot guarantee it will be working by May. Please let us know on the booking page of any accessibility requirements, or contact us with any questions.

There are 2 cottages potentially available for family use –  each having 2 adult bedrooms and a child’s bunk bed room. Prices per person are as shared rooms. Contact us for details and availability.

We have both shared and single rooms available. If you would be willing to share but don’t have anyone to share with, then we suggest that you book a shared room and we will match you with someone.

We have done all we can to keep costs to a minimum – this is a non-profit event. We are however offering bursaries of up to £150 to students, younger Yiddish speakers, and also for those people whose income makes attendance otherwise difficult. Please contact us at with a case for support (a paragraph or two) if you would like to request this.

Our apologies for the booking fees – we have kept them as low as possible, and they go entirely to the ticketing and banking agencies involved.

We encourage participants to offer to lead a session in the Sof-Vokh programme (in Yiddish!). Please let us know if you would like to offer a talk, a workshop, a zingeray etc., and give us the title and a short description. There is limited space and the Programme Committee will finalise the programme and keep everyone informed. For inquiries about offering a session, please contact Alternatively, please let us know on the Booking Form if you would like to offer a contribution, and we will contact you.

For all enquires, including programme enquiries and suggested contributions, please contact 

For Bookings enquiries, please contact