Yiddish sof-vokh UK

Sof Vokh UK June 2022 was sold out and hugely successful, ending in a wonderful concert with Michael Alpert, Vivi Lachs and Phil Tomlinson.

Hear what they’re saying:

Thank you for a wonderful weekend of non-stop Yiddish. It was a great success, and thoroughly enjoyable. The venue was excellent, and you also managed to organise some fine weather! A very good mix of sessions, and lots of opportunities for social interactions and informal conversations (mostly in Yiddish). I loved the international flavour of the weekend, too. Fab concert to round off the experience. – Annonymous

“Having learned yiddish entirely online during the pandemic, it was a real delight to be able to experience yiddish in real life. I want to say a particular thank you to the Sof-Vokh team for being so helpful with making sure I could access and participate in everything with my wheelchair.” – Natasha Lipman

The Sof-vokh was exactly what I was looking for as a Yiddish learner- an immersive experience in the language. I came away feeling really encouraged that yes, I can speak Yiddish. – Josh Kassanis

“Walking into the Yiddish Sof-Vokh was like entering a parallel universe and my only regret is that it’s not a Yiddish Yor. After 48 hours and several lifetimes I was dreaming in Yiddish, and I left Wortley Hall very reluctantly with new friends, new tunes, ample food for thought, and a voracious appetite for more.” – Jake Schneider

Next Yiddish Weekend: 5-7 May 2023, again at beautiful Wortely Hall.

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