Great Yiddish Parade

Let’s get all together!

The Great Yiddish Parade is a marching band singing the protest songs and union hymns that Morris Winchevsky wrote to support demonstrations and strikes in London in the 1880s. The Great Yiddish Parade takes from the past to inspire the present, bringing Yiddish into real happenings: cultural, social, political, where people sing songs as a form of cultural inclusion, crowd participation, social protest and demonstrations for equality and justice. Not always at the same time!! The Parade is flexible and inclusive. You may be Jewish or not, political or not, a Yiddish speaker or not, a musician, a singer or not. All are welcome.

We have played at the Battle of Cable Street anniversary 2016, Being Human Festival, 2017, Klezfest in the Park, Klezfest 2018, 2019, Camden Together JW3, 2021


Battle of Cable Street anniversary 2016